The Tour - Captain Dobey derails a young gang member's life of crime.

Once Upon a Time poem

Line of Duty - Hutch grapples with his conscience over Gillian's death and his relationship with her. Then he's devastated to learn that he's injured his partner and best friend.

Tights and Boots - A nonsensical exploration of how far one partner will go to help the other.




Quiet Nights - Hutch struggles with addiction.

Shootout: Role Reversal -  Alternative scenes from 'Shootout', with Hutch as the one shot.

In the Dying Light  (also see LWLF ezine)- Starsky goes to New York and Hutch is in real trouble.


Nicola (britwizz)


Analysis and Therapy - After dying, life is the next obstacle.

Belly Up - A 'Survival' Story. Samuel Johnson said, "The act of dying is not of importance, it lasts so short a time."

Letter to a Late Ex-Wife - Musings from "Hutchinson For Murder One." Hutch reflects upon his marriage, and other manners of death.             

Holocaust - Post 'Sweet Revenge' story: a silent cry for help.

Just Supposing - PSR; drabble series

A Certain Familiarity - Rating: R some sexual content, a bad word or three . . . a pre-pilot case story









Twisted Reality

Partnerhood - MS from 'The Fix' - Nobody knows about Hutch but Starsky and Huggy. But what about Bernie Glassman, the other cop in the alley?

Partnerhood - Plus One - after "The Fix." Starsky and Huggy use Tequila to exorcise some demons.

Captain's Prerogative 




Girls Like Alice - Girls like Alice don't get to say "no."

The Naming of Parts - Eddie learned early in life that names are dangerous.

Curve - It all comes out in the curve of his back..

Under - Hutch goes under; Starsky holds on

The Trouble With Normal - Starsky and Hutch track a serial killer




Past Imperfect Missing scene from "Gillian." Hutch deals with the truth.

Past Lives - A car, a girl, a part-time job...




The Rest of the Story - A Los Angeles Times reporter comes calling, and finds plenty to write about as the boys investigate a series of murders.

No Dominion - A tough case, some movie mayhem, and a little old-fashioned religion...

Inevitabilis - In answer to a discussion on the Me and Thee list about someone with a medical background writing a post-Sweet Revenge story.

Still Waters - Hutch goes home.

Four Times Hutch Told Starsky "No" (and one time he gasped "no" to the fires of Hell) - post-Fix, Hutch-angst, with a glimmer of hope




Flowers for Janice

The Family Way

Fortune Teller

Merry, Merry - see LWLF ezine



After Christmas Special
- This is just an airy nothing I did because I really hate what Hutch did at the end of "Little Girl Lost." And since 'tis the season and all ...



Like Water, Like Fire zine


the gen version in PDF format right click the cover and save (approximately 6.4 megs)

with art by Sonja website email


Table of Contents

Like Water, Like Fire by Verlaine and Kassidy
Merry, Merry by Verlaine
In the Dying Light by Kassidy
Undercurrents by Izzie West
The Mushroom Cloud by wuemsel
CC's Corner - trivia and puzzles
Best of the Net:
Broken Glass by Lola