The Tour - Captain Dobey derails a young gang member's life of crime.
Once Upon a Time - poem
Line of Duty - Hutch grapples with his conscience over Gillian's death and his relationship with her. Then he's devastated to learn that he's injured his partner and best friend.

Quiet Nights - Hutch struggles with addiction.
Shootout: Role Reversal  - Alternative scenes from 'Shootout', with Hutch as the one shot. (2004 - AU Story)

The Disappearance of Hutch  - An adaptation of "The Fix" with additional plot lines added, including a surprise appearance by a guest star from the series. (2004 - Original Villain)


Analysis and Therapy - After dying, life is the next obstacle.
Belly Up - A 'Survival' Story. Samuel Johnson said, "The act of dying is not of importance, it lasts so short a time."
Letter to a Late Ex-Wife - Musings from "Hutchinson For Murder One". Hutch reflects upon his marriage, and other manners of death.
Holocaust - Post 'Sweet Revenge' story: a silent cry for help.
Just Supposing - PSR; drabble series
Starsky & Hutch Fan Fiction
Monsters - After a particularly violent case that has left Starsky battling inner demons and Hutch concealing a physical ailment, the partners plan a weekend getaway at a secluded lakehouse.
Temporary Setback
- A required annual physical has a devastating effect on Hutch.
Favored Son - A remote tropical island, a crytic tape-recorded message, family problems and a critically injured Starsky all spell problems for Hutch.
Boneyard - A semi-sequel to "Favored Son." Hutch and Starsky go to Duluth to visit Hutch's parents where circumstances go horribly wrong.
Trapped - When Starsky is badly wounded and trapped by snipers in a neighboring town, Hutch clashes with other law enforcement personnel while attempting a rescue.
Aftershock - Starsky and Hutch must rely on the strength of their friendship to survive when a vindictive voodoo priest makes them his targets. (Set immediately after the finish of the episode "Murder on Voodoo Island".)
Payback - The partners have their hands full when an old girlfriend of Hutch’s shows up unannounced and a tragic incident from Starsky’s past threatens to destroy him.
Hunted - Someone is committing a grisly string of serial murders in the neighboring town of Cold Harbor, prompting Lt. Wayne Stone to ask Starsky and Hutch to assist in the investigation.


Twisted Reality
Partnerhood - MS from 'The Fix' - Nobody knows about Hutch but Starsky and Huggy. But what about Bernie Glassman, the other cop in the alley?
Partnerhood - Plus One - after "The Fix." Starsky and Huggy use Tequila to exorcise some demons.

Starsky & Hutch fan fiction